Gregory Henderson has been a professional in haircare industry for over 15 years.  With over 70,000 served he has made his mark as a master in advanced barbering.  The transition into scalp micropigmentation has been a natural progression.   Many of the individuals served in the barbershop deal with hair loss in various forms.  Hairline shaping and blending around the presence of hair loss is very much so apart of the barber profession.  Often the temporary solutions are to mask the hair loss with coloring the hair or temporarily tinting the scalp.  Great results, but they only last a few days.  Scalp Micropigmentation delivers amazing results that last for years!  Expect nothing but the best from this SMP artist.

SMP Solutions is located 20 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in Irwin, PA

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Greg henderson

Greg began cutting hair at the age of 14.  He quickly understood the feeling a fresh cut gave.  It began as a self cut, emulating MJ’s baldhead.  From there cuts spread to family, friends and teammates through college.  Through the years after gaining knowledge and experience, he further understood the the power of a complete grooming service that goes beyond a quick cut.

In his 15 years of professional experience he has owned shops, managed and trained numerous barbers who are now are some of the top barbers in western PA.  The art of Scalp Micropigmentation gives Greg his greatest tool in means of making others feel great about their appearance.