What is a Hair Tattoo?

A hair tattoo is an innovative treatment names Scalp Micropigmentation. Sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo, because of the similar techniques used for the procedure, a hair tattoo is one of the most natural looking tattoos you can receive. 

A hair tattoo is done by depositing pigment into the scalp using a fine needs attached to a specialized machine. Sounds like a tattoo right? The similarities are undeniable, but the differences definitely change things. A hair tattoo uses a carbon-based pigment that is made from all natural ingredients, while traditional tattoo ink is metal based. There difference between the too compared is the longevity of the treatment as well as the color. Traditional tattoos are known for turning a blue/green color after been in the skin for a while, a hair tattoo does no change color and after a numerous amount of years will gradually fade, making you ready for a top up. Other differences include machines, needles, needle depth and technique. 

how can smp solutions help?

If you’re looking for a way to restore the appearance of hair and regain some confidence, then a hair tattoo is for you. By implanting thousands of microdots of the carbon-based pigment into the scalp, a hair tattoo replicates the look of natural hair follicles and is able to give you the look of a full head of hair and a fully restored hairline. As well as helping those with complete hair loss, a hair tattoo is able to help those experiencing diffuse thinning, the microdots are deposited between the existing hairs reduce the contrast between the hair and scalp, leaving our clients with the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. A hair tattoo guarantees results as we as restores your confidence by giving your self-esteem a boost.

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