What is male baldness?

The majority of male baldness is caused by male pattern baldness, this is a genetic condition which causes the hair line to gradually recede and also causes thinning of the crown. This can eventually lead to complete baldness and is usually what has caused baldness for around 95% of men with hair loss.

Male pattern baldness can start in your teenage years, but is more common in adult males. More than 50% of men over 50 will suffer with some form of male pattern baldness. Men who have close male relatives that are struggling with hair loss are at a much higher risk. There is no way to prevent male pattern baldness, some people think stress may be a cause and stress relief may help, but it is more likely to slow the progress of male pattern baldness rather than stop it completely. Baldness can have more serious causes such as certain cancers, medication, thyroid problems and alopecia.

How can smp solutions help?

Here at SMP Solutions we can help give you your confidence and self esteem back. With our expertise and knowledge we can help to turn your hair loss into a full head of cropped hair. With scalp micropigmentation we will recreate the look of individual hair follicles. We can create a whole new hairline giving you a new more youthful look.

If you still have a decent amount of hair or have diffuse thinning of the crown or frontal scalp we can fill in between the hair to make your hair look thicker and fuller. Some men may be advised to shave their head completely to give them the best results

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